Unveil Your Perfect Palette with Our Wedding Colors Quiz!

Quiz: Discover Your Perfect Wedding Colors

  1. What is your ideal wedding season? a) Spring b) Summer c) Fall d) Winter
  2. Choose a wedding venue: a) Garden or outdoor setting b) Beach or coastal location c) Historic mansion or ballroom d) Intimate mountain lodge or cabin
  3. Pick a dominant color family: a) Pastels (soft pinks, blues, and greens) b) Bright and bold (vibrant oranges, yellows, and corals) c) Classic neutrals (ivory, champagne, and gold) d) Deep and rich (burgundy, navy, and emerald)
  4. What is your preferred wedding style? a) Bohemian and relaxed b) Tropical and lively c) Timeless and elegant d) Cozy and rustic
  5. Choose a color that represents your personality: a) Lavender b) Turquoise c) Ivory d) Marsala
  6. What is your favorite season outside of your wedding season? a) Summer b) Spring c) Fall d) Winter
  7. Pick a metallic accent: a) Rose gold b) Silver c) Gold d) Copper
  8. Select a favorite flower: a) Peony b) Hibiscus c) Calla Lily d) Dahlia
  9. What is your favorite time of day? a) Morning b) Afternoon c) Evening d) Night
  10. Choose a word that describes your ideal wedding atmosphere: a) Whimsical b) Energetic c) Sophisticated d) Intimate


  • For every ‘a’ answer, add 1 point to option A.
  • For every ‘b’ answer, add 1 point to option B.
  • For every ‘c’ answer, add 1 point to option C.
  • For every ‘d’ answer, add 1 point to option D.


  • 8-10 points in option A: Your perfect wedding colors are soft pastels, creating a whimsical and romantic atmosphere.
  • 11-15 points in option B: Bright and bold colors, like oranges and yellows, will infuse energy and tropical vibes into your wedding.
  • 16-20 points in option C: Classic neutrals such as ivory, champagne, and gold will provide a timeless and elegant backdrop.
  • 21-25 points in option D: Deep and rich colors like burgundy, navy, and emerald will create a cozy and romantic ambiance for your winter wedding.

Feel free to use these results as inspiration and adapt them to suit your personal preferences and wedding vision!